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High ticket affiliate marketing 101 – A Smart Route To Make Money Online

Success is the best source of encouragement when it comes to affiliate marketing.

But when you measure success in affiliate programs, the traffic driven to your website is not the only thing you can earn from a campaign. Fortunately, you can also make a lot more profit through high ticket affiliate marketing and build a fortune for yourself.

You just need a few profitable products for your audience, and you are all set to succeed!

But the question here is, ‘what is high ticket affiliate marketing?’

Just like you, our curiosity was also provoked by the name! What would a high ticket affiliate mean? And how much could it possibly cost?

Well, essentially, high ticket affiliate programs help marketers avoid the ancient path of client-focused strategies to promote products. The ’high-ticket’ affiliate programs may seem new, but they are already thriving in the market with proper commission ratios and pre-defined strategies.

The fact is, High ticket affiliate programs tend to overwhelm many new and small-scale affiliates. The translucent bubble of confusion surrounding the subject has increased the hesitance of the average affiliate towards approaching high-ticket products.

Beginners believe that these products are difficult to market in the early days. They might require significant investments in terms of time, effort, and, of course, dollars to get started.

If you are one of these affiliates, then we are here to inform you that you got it all WRONG!

Finding the ideal affiliate product to promote can make a world of difference for your income. 

The umbrella of commissions is extensive as it expands from $1,000 to $10,000 every month.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s dig right in to the depths of high-ticket affiliates!

Why not traditional?

Every business needs a medium to promote its products and services.

Affiliate marketing is an excellent approach taken by companies to allow third parties to promote the goods/services as ‘affiliate products.’ 

The third-party becomes your promotion affiliate in the marketing efforts and secures a profitable earning from your products.

The traditional method of affiliate marketing earns profits on front-end sales alone with low-ticket items. These sales happen when a new customer visits the site and purchases the products on the storefront.

Commissions depend on the market niche and product price. 

But as traffic drops from the site, your profits start decreasing along the way. This implies that your overall income will suffer severe losses if the traffic patterns are shifted even the slightest.

Now that is certainly not an attractive position to be in!

In the world of affiliate marketing, there are three classifications for commissions you can gain as an affiliate: 

  •         Low ticket (Only a few dollars)
  •         Medium ticket (Usually $20 commissions, classified as medium level).
  •         High ticket (Anything that lands more than $50 is considered a high ticket).


When most affiliate marketers realize this fault in the process, they begin searching for the ideal high ticket affiliate marketing jobs without missing a beat!

How to generate higher commissions with fewer sales?

High ticket affiliate marketing is an exclusive technique that helps the affiliate make better profits through fewer sales. This technique enables the affiliate to sell product types that will convert at high rates, even when the sales are low.

This high-low ratio of product types and sales is described as high-ticket items due to their profits beginning at $1000 and going as high as it can go!

Such items include gold jewelry and other precious metals, fancy electronic items, and other luxury goods. A company can set multiple high-ticket items, giving the affiliate options to pick and choose the perfect combination for their site.

The goal here is to pick only those products that enjoy higher sales and better recognition.

High ticket affiliate marketing differs from traditional affiliate marketing in terms of sales and niches. The catch here is to generate a high-profit margin from fewer sales as opposed to achieving smaller profits from a higher volume of smaller sales.

Once you have the basic understanding of which high-ticket products can truly make a difference in your sales and income, you will be ready to boost your income by at least one decimal point (Go from $100 to $1000, $1000 to $10,000).

High ticket affiliate marketing 101

Before we go ahead and dissect the money-making prospects of high ticket affiliations, let’s take a minute and explore the high ticket affiliate marketing definition to develop a clearer understanding. 

You can read all about high ticket affiliate marketing and more right here, right now!

A high ticket affiliate marketing program is used to promote expensive affiliate products that result in more significant commissions.

Now, let’s take a moment to absorb that the earning from high ticket affiliate marketing can smoothly go far beyond $50 per sale. Specific promotions can get you commissions as high as $1,000 or more for each sale you make.

It depends on these three pillars:

  •         What do you promote?
  •         How expensive is that promotion?
  •         And what is the affiliate commission rate for that promotion?

Why choose high ticket affiliate marketing?

Getting paid better commissions for each sale is the most significant advantage for any affiliate marketer. When you add the benefit of growth per sale, you will realize that high ticket affiliate marketing requires a little research and a lot less effort once you get started.

Your online venture will experience a boost if you opt for PPC campaigns for your high ticket items. However, you must keep in mind that these high tickets cost a lot to the consumer. This is why the number of sales will most probably remain low.

People don’t go buying diamonds every day or getting high-end designer bags every two weeks. 

The global economy at the moment may not seem very encouraging. Post-COVID 19, many consumers have reduced their expenditures from wants and desires to necessities only. 

Make sure that you remember the financial position of your target audience as an affiliate.

If you are focused on a  group of young graduate students barely out of college and stumbling through school-loans, then your affiliate links for Bottega Veneta Sunglasses or Burberry Checked Mini Rucksack might not work at all!

These items are costly and may not seem attractive to students or new graduates living paycheque to paycheque.

There is a small audience for this niche.

Suppose your audience is mostly working two jobs and struggling to maintain their finances in an economic crunch. In that case, indeed, it is better to switch the target audience towards the niche that will engage with such heavily-priced items.

Now, suppose you have an audience established for glossy magazines and earthy spas.

In that case, the Burberry, Prada, and Gucci affiliations will only lead to better earning for you.

Finding High Ticket Affiliate Programs

Now that we have established a clear understanding of the concept and its benefits, it is time to move ahead. Let’s look at some significant criteria for finding high ticket affiliate programs.

Commission Structure and Figures

When looking for high ticket affiliate programs, it’s a no-brainer that the commission structure is the first consideration for any affiliate.

How much is the commission?

Is it earned per sale?

Or is it a recurring commission?

These questions play a critical role in defining your plans for the future.

Recurring commissions are highly sought-after because they are very lucrative.

Multiple software products and services utilize this structure.  You get a commission every month if your referral buys, a subscription for 12 months, or even a lifetime subscription.

The commission structure pretty much makes or breaks the deal.

Cookie Policy and Duration

Cookies are the secret gateway for understanding consumer patterns. When you invest in cookies lasting longer than average, you can see the difference in results first hand!

Some of the top-paying affiliate programs offer cookies that last as long as six or twelve months. 

Such cookies are not too many of them, but most high-end affiliate programs use cookies that don’t last for more than a few days.

Let’s illustrate the case with an example.

A furniture brand Furnitia pays a handsome $400 per sale. And, its cookie lasts for only one day. The next few days, the consumer purchases the furniture. The affiliate will not receive the commission because it has already been more than one day since the affiliate link has been clicked.

Certain cookies even last forever. However, it might be challenging now to find lifetime cookies because of GDPR. This legality requires websites to delete cookies older than 12 months.

Some affiliate programs attribute a purchase to the last affiliate link while others to the first affiliate link.

Cookie policies tend to differ on the basis of sale attribution. It’s crucial to know and understand these terms.

Popularity and Quality of the products

It is easy to get blind-sighted by the thought of earning such high amounts without chasing the crazy numbers of sales. Our advice is to remember not to get blinded by high ticket affiliate programs only because of the profit margin.

Look at the quality of their products. Ask yourself if the products of your choice have enough people interested in buying the items.

Keep in mind that not all that glitters is gold. 

So, if no one’s buying the product, then it is clear that you’re wasting your time.

Your time, energy, and resources should be invested elsewhere to get better returns!

Bonuses and Upsells

Did you know that bonuses and upsells boost your initial commissions many times for the same amount of effort?

That is the sole reason why ‘super affiliates’ always look for products with upsells. They also work in mysterious ways and help you land better returns each time!

Upsells benefit from the total value of the product or service sold. 

For example, the affiliate product is a $200 e-book library for Amazon FBA. The affiliate program also offers other services like a coaching and counseling program that usually cost thousands of dollars.

As an affiliate, you aren’t just getting a commission for the sold library but also the coaching and counseling program.

This is because you get the chance to sell a bundle that adds more value to the consumer’s life than the books alone! 

Affiliate Training

Another advantage of high ticket affiliate marketing: most high ticket affiliate programs do not require formal training. However, if the affiliate program is a little complicated, training would prove very beneficial for the individual.

Some affiliate programs like ClickFunnels offer free training programs that you can join. Others may require you to pay for further guidance.

Two-Tier Commission

Second-tier commission structures allow you to earn not only from your referrals but also from the referrals from your referrals.

This model is not necessary, but it can work wonders for your platform. 

Nevertheless, it presents a huge money-making opportunity for you as an affiliate, so you cannot deny its benefits.

Referral marketing through second-tier commissions is a specifically magnetic junction that must be explored by the learners and masters alike. The method helps you gain quicker customers and generates enough leads for you to survive one season after the next.

Top High-Paying Affiliate Programs That You Must Check Out

1. ClickFunnels.

Commission: 30-40%

Highest Price Tag: $2497

Cookie Duration: Sticky Cookie

ClickFunnels is a well-known marketing funnel, and the company offers a 40 percent commission for sales.

Best of all, when you sign up as a representative, you obtain a virtually free training course. With their 30 6-figure affiliate marketers, they give you all training at no cost.

Join the program to get free access to Bootcamp.

Their affiliate network provides you the opportunity to promote a wide selection of low-ticket and high-ticket products, offering you a 40% commission. So, you have the potential to make up to $999 in a single sale.

It is easy to understand why their affiliate program awards a lifetime benefit. Sign up for an email list or use an email signup form and rake in commissions for years.

Another thing that distinguishes ClickFunnels is that they offer you a program specifically where they’ll buy you a dream car if you succeed as an affiliate. (Seriously, our team member did win a car that way).

One of the best training courses one has ever seen is the ClickFunnels program. It is called the affiliate marketing Bootcamp. Russell Brunson interviewed many of the best affiliate marketers on the planet and asked each one the same question.

“What would you do if you were asked to get your entire business back up and running and had only 30 days to do it?”

Then they turned it into a powerful campaign on affiliate selling.

2. Fiverr.

Commission: $10 + 10 percent for 12 months

Highest commission on a single sale: $150

Cookie Duration: 1 year

Before you begin forming your opinions, let’s discern why the platform is loved so much!

The first is that everybody needs it, and it applies to all types of business.

Second, you can earn a significantly higher amount than the $150 limit on a single product by following the $10 + 10 percent model.

Because Fiver is addictive, when someone first becomes familiar with Fiverr, they will purchase gigs after gigs.

Fiver gives you the option of taking $10 of each transaction and 10 percent of everything they spend in a year.

Why is Fiverr a high ticket program? Because the company or individual spent approximately $3,000 per year on Fiverr.

3. Legendary Marketer.

Commission: 10-60%

Highest Price Tag: $30,000

Cookie Duration: 30 days

Another one we have just begun learning about. It has an easy-to-understand product that’s easily profitable. There are subscriptions, courses, mastermind, and coaches. 

You earn up to 60% commission in the subscriptions plan, courses earning 40%, while mastermind and coaches earn 30% commission rates on purchases.

The best part of working for Legendary Marketer is all the training they provide. This affiliate plan is called the pro-version plan. It is $30 per month, which drastically increases overall commissions earned.

Legendary has a 15-day free trial that details how to set up a successful affiliate program. It is an excellent marketing course since it teaches affiliate marketing and how to promote its products.

Joining the affiliate program and completing the challenge will improve your chances of acceptance significantly. You can take part in their challenges too.

We like the fact that they sell multiple products and have a strong online customer service department. If they purchase something later (down the road), you will be paid every step of the way!

4. Amazing Selling Machine.

Commission: 40%

Highest Price Tag: $4997

Cookie Duration: 90 days

Amazing Selling Machine is one of the most effective affiliate programs when promoting related products. I do not promote the program, but I am familiar with it.

The course is one of the core courses that helps you succeed on Amazon. They pay $1998 on a course of $4997. Upon one sale, you get paid more than what you usually earn in a month.

Amazing Selling Machine is a genuine, high-end, commission product.

Two customers in a short period are enough to maintain a part-time income.

5. HubSpot

Commission: $250-$1,000

Highest Price Tag: $3,200

Cookie Duration: 90 days

HubSpot’s highly effective affiliate program provides new affiliates with up to $1,000 in revenue per product sold.

How much you own depends on your tier: $250 commission for basic or student memberships, $500 for professional memberships, and $1,000 for enterprise memberships.

But if you give HubSpot at least 90 days, you can nurture leads into buying a high-ticket product. There is no comparable service that offers the level of capabilities that HubSpot does.

Marketing should be easy. It is as straightforward or as complicated as that!

6. WP Engine

Commission Rate: $200 minimum

Pricing: $420/year | $1,380/year | $3,480/year

Cookie Duration: 180 days

WordPress manages WP Engine. It is a web hosting and support service that targets small and medium-sized enterprises and agencies that need better conversions. 

The affiliate program includes a healthy collection of themes via StudioPress. The backend sales can also be scored through the promotion of themes already rotating on the service. 

This is ideal for web hosting and design audiences. 

7. Liquid Web

Commission Rate: 150%, $150 minimum

Pricing: $420/year | $1,380/year | $3,480/year

Cookie Duration: 90 days

Liquid Web is a web-hosting service that offers various applications and server solutions for automating online tasks like migrating sites and hosting emails. Their services are the perfect match for larger businesses with long-term orders.

The platform does not pay recurring commission on all subscriptions; instead, it offers a high potential for backend sales because of the closely-related services. 

8. Shopify

Commission Rate: 200% per sale or 20% recurring commission

Pricing: $29/month | $79/month | $299/month

Cookie Duration: 30 days

Shopify is a massive service that empowers more than a million online stores. 

Each eCommerce client on Shopify has the potential to explore a large number of subscriptions per individual. 

That’s why they have a brilliant affiliate program known for high-value offers amongst high-ticket affiliates. Shopify pays high recurring commissions for most referrals with the help of its robust infrastructure. 

9. BigCommerce

Commission Rate: 200% of the first monthly payment

Pricing: $29/month | $79/month | $249/month

Cookie Duration: 90 days

While most online stores gravitate towards Shopify in a single glance, they tend to overlook better platforms such as BigCommerce.

The platform makes online store operations hassle-free and is already in use by major brands like Ben & Jerry’s.  It allows you to engage in a giant affiliate program that offers high returns on higher subscriptions. 

10. The Six Figure Mentors

Commission Rate: Up to $8,000

Cookie Duration: Lifetime

The SFM training and affiliate programs are a little more complicated than the others on the list. Essentially, the platform is another launchpad for websites that also runs a simple affiliate program. 

The high rates of commission ensure competition and effectiveness amongst the affiliate marketers on the panel.

11 . Convert Kit

Commission Rate: 30% recurring commission

Pricing: $29/month | $49/month | $79/month

Cookie Duration: 60 days

ConvertKit is an email marketing service. It also offers a collection of tools that help organize, automate, and grow email lists. 


The service is popular amongst advertisers and influencers who like to form long connections with a company if they are satisfied.


Their high ticket affiliate program is focused on the business subscription plan. That includes a bundle of their services. 


Affiliates joining the program can claim 30% of the subscription on a recurring monthly basis. 

Final Thoughts

High ticket affiliate marketing is gaining popularity with each passing moment. The sheer scalability and high returns on minimum investment make it an ideal venture.

The truth is that high ticket affiliate programs are a complex mix of simplicity and smartness that must be carried out with precision to be successful in the field. You can’t just jump into this pool and decide that you want to swim.

Ensure that you are prepared to commit your time and efforts to a long-term affiliate marketing setup so that your high ticket items are evaluated at a higher commission for yourself.

As a result of the unprecedented growth, newer affiliate programs are popping up every day. That brings new opportunities for you to explore high ticket and recurring commissions.

So keep your eyes open and your mind alert to navigate successfully through the tumultuous waters of high ticket affiliate marketing. 

To learn more about the trends in the digital world, stay tuned to the Digital 200 blog!

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