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We are an SEO agency & firm and we have been successfully helping more than 20 clients to grow more than their initial target of traffic, leads, and keywords ranking. Here at Digital 200, we proudly claim that we are the best digital marketing services provider and we can increase any website’s traffic, ranking, and visibility on every search engine, especially on

Our SEO Agency And Firm Services


Keyword Research

This is the first phase of any SEO project's life. We will check which keywords you should rank for, what's their average monthly volume, what is the keyword difficulty and much more. Also, we track keyword positions 24/7.


Site Audit

It is vital for any website's performance. Through site audit, we can find out all the issues of any website and then take those issues as an opportunity because once we fix them it can organically improve the search presence.


On-Page SEO

Meta titles and descriptions, internal and external links, URLs, Htags, keywords, etc are some of the on-page SEO factors. We make sure that these things are fixed and improved from time to time.


Off-Page SEO

Social media, forum posting, email marketing, and link building are some of the major off-page SEO factors. We proudly excel in these fields as they are our core services.


Content Optimization

Anyone can write content but if you want to rank for specific keywords then content optimization or SEO-friendly content is one the biggest thing which people ignores most of the time.


Drive Traffic & Lead Generation

All the SEO hustle and activity is to drive traffic and generate leads & sales. We make our plans and strategy by keeping the ROI in our minds.


Link Building & Competitor Analysis

We do competitor analysis during our keyword research as well. However, when it comes to link building then we put extra effort into it as link building is one of the top 3 factors of ranking on SERP.


Top Ranking

We have proudly ranked high, medium, and low volume keywords for so many clients on top positions of Google SERP and other search engines that were not in the top 100 positions.

Local SEO Agency

SEO and Local SEO approaches are slightly different but Local SEO is a bonus and an opportunity if you’re a brick-and-mortar business. A local SEO agency can skyrocket your business. It can increase your visibility on search engines, attract new customers and ultimately result in more revenue.

If you are a local business then definitely you want to rank your business around your locality or neighborhood. To put it in simple words, let’s suppose you are a local pizza restaurant on East 55th Street in Chicago then obviously you don’t need to rank for the keyword “Pizza Restaurant” in Colorado or California, they will not come to buy your pizza from their city.

You should rank for “Pizza Restaurant” in Chicago, if you put more specifically then it should rank on top results if someone is searching in the East side of Chicago. As a top local SEO company in Chicago, this is our day-to-day job at Digital 200. Through a local SEO strategy, we put your business in the top spots of Google, Bing, and other search engines.

If you are running a local business like a barber shop, grocery shop, electronic shop, restaurant, beauty salon, school, hospital, law firm, rental car service, parking service, real estate or any type of brick-and-mortar business, our local SEO experts can guarantee terrific results by providing affordable local SEO services for you.

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We will scan your complete website and let you know the technical issues present on your website for free and we will also recommend you the changes you need to do in order to get better ranking on search engines. Contact us now.

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