Why Is It Important to Design Marketing Strategy for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Christmas?

Why Is It Important to Design Marketing Strategy for Halloween, Thanksgiving and Black Friday?

From Black Friday to Cyber Monday and Super Saturday- the holiday season is packed with perfect shopping days. Halloween is just around, and so are Christmas bells waiting to ring!

Combined with the usual increase in consumer spending in the weeks leading up to the holidays, these factors should lead to a record-breaking financial quarter.

Suddenly, everyone is bombarded with holiday marketing as all businesses try to cash in on the season’s spending craze. The perfect time of the year has here, as seen by the abundance of holiday-themed emails, social media postings, and advertisements.

Some companies’ seasonal promotions indeed come off as corny and dated, but you can’t dispute that others do it very, very, very well.

In the middle of the marketing frenzy, they nevertheless manage to evoke emotion and inspire generosity. Sometimes this involves helping someone reconnect with lost loved ones or working with a charity to appeal to customers for the best shopping experience of their life!

Before we dive down into some tips and tricks to perfect your holiday marketing strategy, let’s explore holiday marketing! 

“Holiday marketing” refers to creating and disseminating promotional materials during a particular holiday season. Promoting limited-time seasonal discounts is a common tactic to increase sales during the holiday season.

A Little Insight Into Festive Holidays!


If there was a  day to celebrate all the bounties and blessings bestowed upon you by God Almighty, it is Thanksgiving. Friends and families gather to thank God and celebrate their blessings on this day. People specifically thank God for the harvest and cook many dishes to show gratitude. It is majorly about food, family gatherings and showing gratitude,

Black Friday

These highly commercial sales aim to help the companies sell their old stock. There are major price drops, and these attract people to do early Christmas shopping. The sales have been majorly focused on the Brick and Mortar stores, but with the recent advent of online shopping, it now involves online discounts as well.

Black Friday sales are usually marketed early, so the competition and hype have been created to their peak before the actual day. It is one of the most revenue-generating holidays all over the world.

Cyber Monday

This sale was initiated during the times when businesses were starting to create their online presence. This is 24 hours online shopping event encourages people to purchase from the comfort of their homes. It is one of the most crucial initiators of phy-gital presence of businesses.

Tips to Design Holiday Marketing Strategy:

1. Sell your products in a virtual showroom!

Perhaps you’ve heard of a place called a “showroom” before. Customers who want a better feel for an item before buying often visit a store’s showroom. Okay, so why not use this strategy online?

Webrooming is similar to traditional showrooming, except that it takes place online. A webroom is an online showroom that enables customers to see products from all angles.

This tactic is particularly effective during Christmas when people are more likely to make large purchases.

You must get the ball rolling on the web room for your items as soon as possible. Creating a web room calls for not just programmers but also photographers who can capture the space in its best light. This might take a few months if your product range is pervasive.

2. Show gratitude to acknowledge the efforts of shoppers!

Customers may take their time deliberating how they want to spend their Christmas budgets on presents, especially during the holiday shopping season. This implies that even your most dedicated consumers may purchase elsewhere during the holiday season.

Your business must always be in the minds of consumers to entice new and recurring customers to buy there. Using expressions of thanks as part of your holiday marketing plan is a great way to earn and maintain your customers’ undying devotion and loyalty throughout the year.

Demonstrate to buyers how much you appreciate their business. There are numerous methods to show appreciation to customers. Still, a simple email or letter may go a long way toward encouraging regulars and newcomers alike to complete their Christmas shopping with your company.

3. Engage customers in discussions:

You may interact with your target demographic in several ways, including via your website, blog, and social media profiles. Although this holiday season is a great time to boost your company’s customer service, keeping in touch with clients all year is essential.

Make an Instagram post asking your followers about their favorite traditions. Your staff may reply to the feedback, making an impression with unique replies.

Your staff must always react to both good and negative feedback from your fans. If a client expresses dissatisfaction on social media and your business does not respond, it sends an incorrect impression to your other followers and customers.

Tricks to Polish Your Holiday Marketing Strategy:

A few of the most effective tricks to execute for perfecting the holiday marketing strategy include:

1. A/B Testing: 

A/B testing may help you provide the greatest possible user experience on your mobile platforms.

Make sure you optimize your messages for a mobile experience while you’re there. It may take a long time to do tasks that would typically take a short time on a mobile device, such as filling out a form. The user experience on the site may be enhanced by increasing the number of mobile CTAs available.

2. Use marketing videos to your advantage:

During Christmas, a video is the best approach to reach people with a message. With video marketing, you may spread awareness of your whole company, not just a single product.

Add seasonal messaging to the video marketing efforts. Use video in inventive ways to promote holiday happiness in your marketing efforts this season, whether via a festive webinar invite video delivered via email or a video posted to your customer page to wish all of your customers a happy holiday season. 

3. Tailor your call to action:

Adapt your call-to-actions (CTAs) to the audience and the event. As the Christmas season for giving presents draws near, you should give your marketing efforts greater attention.

Ideally, you’d use HD video for this.

The better resolution makes it simpler to get stills from a video. When shooting a video, it’s a good idea to hire a photographer to capture still images separately if possible.

4. Don’t leave last-minute consumers out of your promotions:

Several companies are extending their Christmas marketing campaigns to entice shoppers who may have procrastinated. There are a few ways in which companies might gain indirectly by extending holiday marketing deals:

  • Instill trust in your brand over time to win over customers who are unfamiliar with it and boost brand loyalty.
  • Relationship building is key to a successful business. Therefore it’s essential to pay special attention to customers that come in late for the Christmas sales and work to gain their loyalty.
  • Establish rapport with potential new buyers by offering exclusive, time-sensitive offers.

5. Generate content from user input:

Create hashtags related to the holidays and encourage customers to post their images, videos, and success stories using them. 

Create content for all of your chosen channels, then adjust it for different target audiences and tiers of marketing initiatives.

Create a hub page that compiles all information about your seasonal sales (emails, ads, and social media posts) in one place.

Use your company’s partner or affiliate network to get more people talking about your campaign. You may provide a bonus depending on their referrals’ success on top of their regular commission, or you can provide a special discount to their followers.

Product reviews and how-to guides your partners create are great examples of UGC that may be just as powerful as word-of-mouth advertising.

Wrap Up:

An emotional connection with your target audience is worth investing in at any time, especially around the holidays.

Customer engagement is a crucial conversion driver; mastering that skill is always a win.

Increase your chances of a successful Christmas season by dividing your client base into distinct groups, facilitating the sharing of your campaigns, and providing the most incredible bargains in a unified fashion across all your platforms.

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